• Parque del Cafe

    Parque del Café, La Tebaida-Montenegro, Pueblo Tapado, Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia .


    The Parque del Cafe, was founded by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindío, belongs to the Parque de la Cultura Cafetera Foundation and is a non-profit entity aimed at preserving cultural and historical heritage of coffee in Colombia, to the promotion of cultural, recreational, ecological activities and the promotion of ecotourism in the region. It is a theme and amusement park full of all the splendor of the Quindian landscape where you will find all the magic and history of the coffee culture.

  • Cocora Valley

    Cocora Valley, Salento, Quindio, Colombia .

    In the municipality of Salento, reached after a 25 km trip north from Armenia, you visit the Cocora valley, where the wax palm, the national tree, grows, which can reach 60 m in height. This tree is essential for a very showy bird, the yellow-eared parrot. In the Cocora valley, travelers can walk on an ecological path and even go horseback riding.

  • Quindío Viewpoint

    MIRADOR DEL QUINDIO, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia .

    Caribbean mangrove and woods like zapan and bamboo were used to build the gazebo on the Illuminated Hill in Filandia, a town 14 miles north of Armenia. From the vantage point of this 88-foot-tall structure, on a clear day you can see Pereira (capital of Risaralda) and several towns in Quindío and Valle del Cauca.

  • Panaca Theme Park

    Parque Temático Panaca, Quimbaya, Quindio, Colombia .

    In a 2.8 km route, you can see how 4,500 domestic animals live. In Panaca, founded on December 7, 1999, cattle and horse stations are visited, among others; and canopy is practiced.

  • Arrieros Park

    Parque Los Arrieros, Quimbaya, Quindio, Colombia .

    Los Arrieros Park is a place that offers tourist services for recreation, leisure and learning; around the culture of the muleteer; through artistic, cultural and entertainment areas that make up a range of options for visitors to enjoy a pleasant experience at the facilities.

  • Rafting on The La Vieja river

    Balsaje Los Rios, Barrio La Pista, Carrera 4, Montenegro, Quindio, Colombia .

    You can navigate the La Vieja river in guadua rafts that move slowly while on the sides you can see the soft mountainous landscapes of Quindío. The experience includes a typical lunch with a peasant chicken and, of course, the possibility of swimming in the river.